Back in Corciano

Monday, October 13

Today was our first full day back at the Villa and we stayed very busy. We had both Italian and Painting classes and then after dinner we had the Italian bowl. Tests make me nervous, and even though this wasn't a "test" by name, that's essentially what it was. Once the Italian bowl started, it was  quite a bit of fun, and if it wasn't for that last question where you could bid your points to either double them or lose them, we would have won. I thought I knew the answer to the last question (and I was really close), but a few letters really make a difference so we lost everything. After the Italian bowl, we all hung out for a little while and then went to bed.

Tuesday, October 14

Today was class day, and we spent the day in Italian and Watercolor. We started our projects which are due on Thursday, and I chose a bird wing study to replicate. After class and dinner we got together to watch Gladiator. I have a hard time watching movies so I showed up late and left early. From what I saw it seemed like a good movie, and if I ever feel like it I might try to watch the whole movie.

Wednesday, October 15

We took a trip to Sienna with the parents today and it was awesome! There's a little square there where they do two horse races a year, and there were also two churches that we went into. The first one had the finger of Saint Catherine (I think it was Saint Catherine), and the second church's floor was covered in extremely detailed mosaics. I was surprised about how large some of the pieces were, but on the other hand, there were also very small pieces put in to make black outlines. I could have spent forever in there looking at all the different mosaics and trying to figure out their meanings, and how the artist made them. After about an hour I went outside and spent the next 3 hours doing an extremely detailed watercolor of the clock just across the street from the church. After dinner tonight I was able to find a guitar and even though it was missing a string I was still able to play it. It was nice to finally be able to play the guitar again, and better yet I think Angelo is going to get strings so tomorrow I'll be able to play anything I want!

Thursday, October 16

 Our watercolors were due today, and I turned in the wing and the one I did yesterday in Sienna. Other than turning our assignments in, it was mostly a rest day and we got to kick back and relax. I spent a lot of time sleeping, it was nice to be able to take a break after 2 weeks of traveling and learning. Dinner was late tonight and it was in the large room in the building where the classroom is. Dinner was buffet style and was delicious. After dinner I pulled the guitar out and changed all the strings. I played it for a little while, but everyone had different plans so we ended up doing karaoke. I don't like singing in front of people so I didn't sing, but I had fun listening to everyone else.

Friday, October 17

This was our first full day off and it was beautiful! First we went to Perugia to the chocolate festival and ate delicious chocolate, and then we came back and did nothing. It was wonderful and amazing! After dinner we set up Karaoke again, and even though I was tired and left early it sounded like everyone else had a good time.

Saturday, October 18

Today was very literally, a nothing day. I spent most of the day sleeping, reading, and relaxing, and then after dinner several of us went to the Orange bar to hang out. While I enjoy traveling and staying busy, I'm very tired and am enjoying the break.

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