Second to Last Week

Monday November 3rd - Sunday November 10th

This week was a really relaxed week and we just spent our time working on photography and Italian. Unfortunately I keep thinking about how great of a time I've had here and how sad it's going to be to leave next week. I like Italy, the people here are great, and I've made so many new friends. Aside from that, I turned in my first photography assignment, and I think it went pretty well! He told me some things I need to work on, and so I went back to re-edit many of the pictures.  Now I am paying more attention to the composition and the elements in my pictures, as well as doing different things to make them look better in lightroom. This weekend was also very good, and since most of us are in the upper-level photography those of us who didn't go to Venice with Dave (I will go someday!) went to Perugia to work on time-lapses and videos. I went around the carnival, and I had tons of fun. Unfortunately, since my camera doesn't take time-lapse I took videos of some of the things people were doing time-lapses of (like the mini-metro). Hopefully my stuff can be used to help transitions and stuff, but since no one seems to have a set plan yet, I'm trying to get videos of everything I can think of so hopefully when we decide what to do, it will all work out.

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