My Time in Norway

 Saturday November 16th - Wednesday December 3rd

Once I got to Noway I was really excited to explore the area. The Stavanger area is a really nice place, and the friend I'm staying with lives out on a fjord in the country. Norway was beautiful, and we were able to walk to many places to see the countryside. On the first couple of days we walked to a lighthouse so I could get some nice pictures around sunset, and the next day we walked to a nearby monastery for a quick tour. The cool thing about the monastery is that the architecture and art inside is much different than what I was used to seeing in Italy. While the building was old (probably about 700 years) it wasn't as ancient as some of the stuff in Rome, Perugia and many places I had been. Another thing different about the monastery is that instead of being richly decorated, it was much more simple in design (even though it was still beautiful). During my time there I spent a lot of time in Stavanger and was able to go shopping and take many pictures of the dock and many of the lakes and ponds. Even though we planned on visiting pulpit rock we weren't able to make it because the bus trip there was four hours and with the sun rising so late and setting so early we decided that we would have to go when I visit next time. Another thing I got to experience in Norway was the night life. On the weekends a lot of the people go out to nightclubs and bars, and my friend brought me out a couple of nights to experience it. It was a lot of fun, but it was a lot different than it is here in America. While I was in Norway, I also left for a couple of days to visit London. My original plan had been to go to Ireland, Scotland, or both, but since the flights there were really expensive I decided I could do a trip to London for Cheap and be able to see things like Big Ben and Buckingham Palace (I'll write about London in another post). By the time I got back from London, it was about time for me to leave to go back home, so I spent the next couple of days resting and getting ready for my trip back. I was also able to finish a painting to give to my friend's family for letting me stay there.

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